Herb Bouquet

I love flowers.  I often think that I should have been a florist.  You don’t have to be a “professional” however to enjoy and display the flowers and natural elements growing in your yard and garden.  Not only do I grow flowers for bouquets, I also use my herbs in those displays as well.  Oftentimes, I make an all herb bouquet to enjoy. I want to show you how easy it is to create an herbal arrangement to keep in your kitchen for snipping as you need.  Here are the steps that I follow. Step 1: Gather a variety of herbs in the morning whileRead More →

Market Tray

As the temperatures are heating up so is the abundance of produce from the garden.  How do we deal with the overflow of cucumbers, tomatoes and the never-ending zucchini?  I want to share a few suggestions with you for dealing with this feast of bounty that you are growing. As frustrating as it can seem I would say first and foremost… “Be Grateful”.  What a wonderful blessing your bounty is.  A blessing for your family that you can have fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs straight from the vine.  A blessing for the fall and winter as you preserve some of the harvest and finally aRead More →

Hydrangeas in the garden

We are in the middle of summer.  The heat is on and the garden is growing.  We are finally starting to get zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and green beans.  However we are still waiting for the tomatoes.  This time of year is a little bittersweet to me.  I love the summer and the growing months.  I so enjoy working in my garden.  As we move into August though, I realize that Autumn is not far behind.  As much as I love the Autumn it spells the end of the growing season. So while we are in the garden hey day I thought that I would shareRead More →

It’s time to use some of that wonderful Rhubarb in one of the most perfect of foods….pie.   I have been harvesting some of my rhubarb.  I pick it a little over time instead of all at once and it will last me most of the summer.  To harvest the rhubarb just twist the stalk at the base and it should break free.  Be sure to discard the leaves because they do contain a toxic substance.  After washing the rhubarb I cut it into 1/2 inch pieces which are the perfect size for this pie. Print Rhubarb Raspberry Pie Prep Time 20 mins Cook TimeRead More →

4th of July Wreath

I am crazy about wreaths!  I have no less than 6 wreaths displayed in my home and garden.  I enjoy wreaths of all kinds but some of my favorites are made from book pages.  I currently have 2 different book page wreaths and today I want to show you a 3rd that I created for a friend.  This wreath also has touches of red, white and blue to make it festive for the 4th of July. Book Page Wreath Start with different sizes and widths of book pages.  Then you will accordion fold the pages.  Next, use thread or thin string to tie off theRead More →

Live for Today

Can I share a secret?  Life is very unpredictable at best and truly we cannot control it’s outcome.  I am a prime example of this.  I was marching down that “busy” pathway.  Striving to get everything I needed to do, done.  Then my life took an unexpected detour. It involved a virgin belly and 4 tiny holes.  A virgin belly is one that has never had surgery done on it, until now.  I was forced to stop my rapid pace and slow down. We often believe that we control our lives but really we don’t.  We can’t force a change.  Believe me, life can definitelyRead More →

Walk away Stress

I don’t know about you but my life has been crazy busy this season.  There are so many activities going on….year end school, graduations, weddings, sports activities and work projects.  The busyness seems endless and stress seems inevitable. For me, I have one child who just graduated from College and a second one who is getting married in September.  I recently hosted a Bridal Shower in my backyard for her.  In addition to these activities, I am in the midst of finals for my College and am preparing for the Summer Quarter.  Life has been a little out of control and I have definitely beenRead More →

Refreshing Cabbage Salad

My husband is not fond of mayonnaise so I have never fixed a traditional style of coleslaw.  However, I enjoy eating a variety of salads and using shredded cabbage is easy and nutritious.  My cilantro is finally at the picking stage. That means that it’s time to use some in my favorite refreshing cabbage salad.  This salad makes a great side dish for tacos, burgers or even sandwiches.  Honestly, I can just eat it all by itself! This cabbage salad uses minimal ingredients.  So the next time you are at the store pick up some cabbage, grab some cilantro if it’s not growing in yourRead More →

How to avoid ticks when hiking the hills.

You spent a relaxing day at the park, hiking the hills or working in your backyard only to find that you have become a tick feast.  Ticks are definitely not something that we want on ourselves, our kids or pets.  My husband and I have recreational property in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Washington and we are frequently exposed to these pesky creatures.  I want to share a few suggestions on how to minimize the risk of tick bites that we practice when we are off in the woods. How to avoid ticks: Wear light colored clothing when you are out.  This makes it easierRead More →


One of my favorite early morning activities is to walk through my garden.  The plants are still moist from the night air and the fragrance floating on the breeze is heavenly.  As I walk past my herb bed I like to run my hands over the various plants to help release even more of those wonderful smells.  Herbs add so much value to your garden.  All sorts of bees and butterflies enjoy the nectar of the herbs when the plants are in bloom.  I also enjoy bringing herb cutting into the house as part of bouquets and certainly herbs provide many culinary uses. I wouldRead More →