5 Ways to Live Moment by Moment

Live for Today

5 Ways to Live Moment by Moment

Can I share a secret?  Life is very unpredictable at best and truly we cannot control it’s outcome.  I am a prime example of this.  I was marching down that “busy” pathway.  Striving to get everything I needed to do, done.  Then my life took an unexpected detour.

It involved a virgin belly and 4 tiny holes.  A virgin belly is one that has never had surgery done on it, until now.  I was forced to stop my rapid pace and slow down.

We often believe that we control our lives but really we don’t.  We can’t force a change.  Believe me, life can definitely throw you a curve ball when you least expect it…an unexpected surgery or illness, a car accident, lost job, loss of a loved one, financial disaster or eviction.  Any of these or more can be in our futures.

So how do we live today, not fretting or worrying about these potential problems?  We have to trust God to direct our steps and live our days just focusing on the blessings in front of us.  Worrying about what might happen, steals the joy from the good things of today.  Here are 5 ways to live a moment by moment life.

5 Ways to Live Moment by Moment

  1. Cherish your family, friends and loved ones.  We can spend no better time than loving them and showing it.  Give hugs, send thoughtful notes, bake cookies.  Do the things that will make them feel special.
  2. Take time to “smell the roses”.  If you don’t take time to enjoy the small blessings in your life, you will miss so many wonderful things.  Watch the sunrise or sunset.  Listen to the first songbirds of the day.  Go on a short nature hike.  Treasure hunt for shells on the beach while you watch the waves crash the shoreline.
  3. Release your expectations.  This is a problem for so many of us.  We want so much but God will give you what you need.  Trust in His faithfulness to provide instead of constantly seeking more.
  4. Plan your days with God’s goodness in your forethought.  It is certainly okay to plan for your day, but try not to over plan.  Start your day with a purposeful prayer of how God wants you to spend your time.  However, don’t be upset if things occur to change that pathway.
  5. Remember to be thankful to God for each moment that He gives…there are blessings in everything!  Be grateful for all that comes your way even though we might not have chosen that path.  If you look hard enough you can find a gem of goodness in there.

I can share one blessing of my surgical journey.  I have taught Nutrition to many students over my 31 years of teaching.  While I was laying in that hospital bed many of my former students passed by my doorway.  Some stopped to wish me well, but many of them couldn’t because they were too busy.  They were the Nurses working tirelessly to help me and so many other patients…unexpected blessing!  Would I choose or wish for this surgery?  Absolutely not, but I can truly thank God for how He works in such marvelous ways.

With the large and small things we face each day, remember to live just today.  Not tomorrow, or next week or even next year.  Instead take each moment with grace and bask in all the good things before you today.