Hydrangeas in the garden

We are in the middle of summer.  The heat is on and the garden is growing.  We are finally starting to get zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and green beans.  However we are still waiting for the tomatoes.  This time of year is a little bittersweet to me.  I love the summer and the growing months.  I so enjoy working in my garden.  As we move into August though, I realize that Autumn is not far behind.  As much as I love the Autumn it spells the end of the growing season. So while we are in the garden hey day I thought that I would shareRead More →

4th of July Wreath

I am crazy about wreaths!  I have no less than 6 wreaths displayed in my home and garden.  I enjoy wreaths of all kinds but some of my favorites are made from book pages.  I currently have 2 different book page wreaths and today I want to show you a 3rd that I created for a friend.  This wreath also has touches of red, white and blue to make it festive for the 4th of July. Book Page Wreath Start with different sizes and widths of book pages.  Then you will accordion fold the pages.  Next, use thread or thin string to tie off theRead More →

Walk away Stress

I don’t know about you but my life has been crazy busy this season.  There are so many activities going on….year end school, graduations, weddings, sports activities and work projects.  The busyness seems endless and stress seems inevitable. For me, I have one child who just graduated from College and a second one who is getting married in September.  I recently hosted a Bridal Shower in my backyard for her.  In addition to these activities, I am in the midst of finals for my College and am preparing for the Summer Quarter.  Life has been a little out of control and I have definitely beenRead More →

Salad in a bowl or basket.

I have wonderful friends who are always sharing great ideas.  Last summer one of those friends shared that she was growing a salad bowl.  She was not filling a salad bowl with greens instead she was growing her salad in a bowl.  A huge outdoor metal bowl to be exact.  Spinach, kale and a variety of lettuces filled her bowl. The nice thing about growing your greens in bowls is that you can move them around the garden as needed.  The greens are packed tightly in the bowl and so there is less room for those pesky weeds.  When the lettuces started to bolt sheRead More →

Early spring shoots of rhubarb.

Rhubarb is one of my favorite spring garden plants.  It is a perennial that comes up each year like clockwork.  Those little shoots that begin poking out of the ground early in the season will be a wonderful addition to your spring meals.  It is easy to grow and it is so wonderful to see those plants bursting with fresh green leaves when nothing else is growing in your garden.  It gives you hope and anticipation for the garden to come. Rhubarb on it’s own is very tart.  When combined with sugar, honey, oranges, berries or some other sweet fruit it provides a wonderful sweetRead More →

Blossoms on a Tree

There is still a chill in the air, in the early morning hours of a new spring day.  However, there is also the promise of the days to come as the first birds of the season begin to call out.  The early crocus and daffodils begin to poke out of the ground.  The changing of winter into spring is a slow but steady process.  Spring tip toes into this wonderful season when there is finally hope that the winter is past.  With excitement you can imagine the change like a flower slowly opening it’s petals until the full beauty has unfolded before us.There are manyRead More →

Pinecone Cottage in the Winter

Don’t you love the idea of a retreat?  Oh to leave the stress and concerns of life, even for a short while.  Just to breathe again and find the little things that will bring a smile to your face.  This blog was born out of my desire for a break, a retreat away from the stresses of life.  Pinecone Cottage is my place to get away from it all.  I walk, no run to my little hideaway when I need to just relax and refocus. It took over 10 years for my dream of a ‘Garden Shed’ to come to pass.  It is still inRead More →