Views from Pinecone Cottage and the Garden

Hydrangeas in the garden

Views from Pinecone Cottage and the Garden

We are in the middle of summer.  The heat is on and the garden is growing.  We are finally starting to get zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and green beans.  However we are still waiting for the tomatoes.  This time of year is a little bittersweet to me.  I love the summer and the growing months.  I so enjoy working in my garden.  As we move into August though, I realize that Autumn is not far behind.  As much as I love the Autumn it spells the end of the growing season.

So while we are in the garden hey day I thought that I would share a few of the views from my cottage and garden…to remind myself of the beauty when the cold winter months are here.  I hope that you too have some enjoyable views of your garden that can carry you through when the bitter winds of Winter are coming your way.  Enjoy all the sunshine and warmth of today!

My turquoise table Sunflower in the Garden Cottage Vignette Zinnias in the Garden Black Eyed Susans in the Garden Bird's nest with eggs Turquoise Table Porch Setting Turquoise Table Gift Oxalis in the garden

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