Basket loaded with healthy vegetables

Have you ever heard about a CSA?  It stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  A CSA is basically a farmer who is selling his crop to you directly without the middleman.  When you join a CSA and the season begins, you will get a weekly box of produce for your family.  Whatever the farmer harvested that week will be in your box. CSA’s give you the opportunity to explore a wideRead More →

Getting more sunlight is a good way to cope with the winter blues

As the end of January rolls around, many of us struggle with a little bit of the Winter Blues.  How do you know if you are experiencing the winter blues?  Are you struggling to get up in the morning?  Do you feel tired throughout the day?  Do you just not look forward to any activities?  Are you constantly filling up on sweets and refined carbohydrates?  Do your thoughts focus onRead More →

Pot of Soup introducing the Soup of the Month

Have you noticed how many people are creating a word of the year these days?  In the past I have contemplated doing this but somehow it just never sticks for me.  Maybe I’m just not committed enough.  Or I just have too many thoughts and ideas running through my head to focus on just one.  I have however been contemplating a “food” of the year for this blog.  After muchRead More →

Decorating for any Season

The holidays are officially over.  Have you have put away your tree and ornaments yet?  I am a procrastinator about cleaning up because I enjoy the decorations so much.  But it’s time to move on.  As magical as our homes are during the Christmas season, when winter rolls around it is time for more serene atmosphere.  During the winter months I like to keep my decor warm and cozy.  IRead More →

Autumn Leaves

Do you enjoy the change of seasons? Each season has it’s own feel to it.  I love the ebb and flow of the year and how you can count on the changes that are to come.  Maybe it’s a lifetime of being a student or a teacher but for me the Autumn Season always seems like the beginning.  So as we move into this season with crisp cold nights andRead More →

The weather in the Northwest has suddenly turned cool.  Thoughts of sweaters, blankets and fires are suddenly filling my mind.  I truly love the autumn season and look forward to the crispness in the air and the brightly colored leaves.  As we anticipate this new season we have much to look forward to.  However, before you plop down in front of that fire there are some annual chores that needRead More →

Herb Bouquet

I love flowers.  I often think that I should have been a florist.  You don’t have to be a “professional” however to enjoy and display the flowers and natural elements growing in your yard and garden.  Not only do I grow flowers for bouquets, I also use my herbs in those displays as well.  Oftentimes, I make an all herb bouquet to enjoy. I want to show you how easyRead More →

Market Tray

As the temperatures are heating up so is the abundance of produce from the garden.  How do we deal with the overflow of cucumbers, tomatoes and the never-ending zucchini?  I want to share a few suggestions with you for dealing with this feast of bounty that you are growing. As frustrating as it can seem I would say first and foremost… “Be Grateful”.  What a wonderful blessing your bounty is. Read More →

How to avoid ticks when hiking the hills.

You spent a relaxing day at the park, hiking the hills or working in your backyard only to find that you have become a tick feast.  Ticks are definitely not something that we want on ourselves, our kids or pets.  My husband and I have recreational property in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Washington and we are frequently exposed to these pesky creatures.  I want to share a few suggestionsRead More →

Herbs growing indoors in pots

One of my favorite early morning activities is to walk through my garden.  The plants are still moist from the night air and the fragrance floating on the breeze is heavenly.  As I walk past my herb bed I like to run my hands over the various plants to help release even more of those wonderful smells.  Herbs add so much value to your garden.  All sorts of bees andRead More →