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Woo Hoo, Spring is finally here!  It’s time to celebrate and in our home that means Sunshine Cake.  This cake has as many variations as it has fans.  That’s okay.  There can never be enough Sunshine Cake in this world.  This is my go to recipe for dessert during the spring and summer months.  I encourage you to celebrate spring with Sunshine Cake! While your cake is baking, I thoughtRead More →

Paper bird with rhinestone decor hanging on a branch

Since we have been talking about bird decor I wanted to share with you my hanging birds.  It is easy to take a few branches and fill them with paper birds.  Choose a variety of decorative papers that coordinate with your home decor or with the season.  Then make a bunch of these little birds to hang.  This is a nice weekend craft that you can make for yourself orRead More →

2 nests with various eggs and feathers

Even though Spring is officially still a week away, Daylight Savings Time always feels like the start of the new season.  It is staying lighter longer and the days are a “little” warmer.  As spring starts to slip in, I begin to think about birds.  I have been hearing birds outside my window lately.  And I am waiting to see the first robin.  As I wait it is a goodRead More →

A wheelbarrow on pathway in the garden.

Have you been planning your flower and vegetable garden for the season?  There are still weeks left before the actual growing season begins for many of us.  However there are plenty of chores that can be done now to begin to get your garden ready for planting.  Gardening really involves so many activities during the year.  Here are some of the things that you might want to do to getRead More →

A bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup with spoon on a plate.

Your Mom was probably the first to tell you this.  When you are under the weather one of the best foods to eat is a simple Chicken Noodle Soup.  There are studies that actually support your Mom.  The moistening steam can help to clear your sinuses.  Chicken soup also has an anti-inflammatory response that might reduce your symptoms.  The fact is it is just soothing and comforting when you haveRead More →

Have you been sick this winter?  There is so much going around that it is hard not to be exposed to something.  I have several family members that have had bad colds this year, but I managed to dodge those bullets.  Part of the reason why I don’t get as many illnesses is that I take an active role in trying to stay healthy.  I have created a cold fightingRead More →

Chalkboard pot and twine covered pot

Before spring weather makes it’s debut, I like to fill my house with flowers.  My paperwhites are blooming and I have faux spring branches all around.  One other thing I like to do pre-spring is to buy some potted flowering plants.  Have you ever noticed how unattractive those little containers are?  You know the plastic ones that they sell potted plants in at the garden centers. Over the years, IRead More →

Campfire on beach

There are times in our lives where our wonderful routines and orderly homes go through chaos.  We are living that way right now!  This is the year that we are painting the inside of our home.  Let me rephrase that.  We are having our home painted.  I am so thankful that we are not doing the painting.  However, my husband and I have been preparing the way for the painters.Read More →

Lilacs and grass

Do you want to have an awesome garden this year?  If your answer is yes than now is the time to start mentally planning for the garden season.  It is definitely too early to be working the soil, but it is not too early to plan.  So if you are relatively new to gardening, how do you go about planning for the gardening season?  You can plan your garden inRead More →

Lemon Blueberry Muffins with lemons in bowl and blueberries on board

Not long ago I picked up a 2 pound bag of meyer lemons at the store for a great price.  But, I have been too busy to do anything with them.  So I thought that it was time for a recipe with lemon in it.  Before I get to the recipe, we should talk about the lowly lemon.  I love lemons, let me count the ways.  Lemon’s bright flavor canRead More →