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A mix of flowers in a spring garden container.

If you haven’t planted your garden containers yet, it’s time to get planting. Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, most gardeners are in full spring mode. Hopefully, your yard and garden are starting to take shape. You’ve cleaned up the winter debris and you’ve been preparing your flower and vegetable beds. But the quickest way to some spring color in the garden is planting flowers in pots.Read More →

A "Vintage" Watering Can on the Porch.

Do you love the look of vintage watering cans and buckets as much as I do? Watering cans are especially attractive in your garden and shed. And buckets make great containers for your plants. But these vintage treasures for your garden are becoming harder and harder to find. So I want to show you how to age a new galvanized container to make it look like it’s been around forRead More →

Grow ranuculus in your garden this spring for a spectacular show.

Have you ever noticed how pretty ranunculus are? Not only do they come in many different colors, but their petals are so light and lacy. They remind me of one of my favorite spring flowers, peonies. They are also called the “rose of spring” because many people think they look like garden roses. This year, I decided to grow ranunculus in my flowerpots. And you can grow ranunculus in yourRead More →

Time to Spring Clean the Garden to enhance it's beauty.

Spring is finally here! For most of us, we can breathe a sigh of relief that this crazy winter is finally over. But winter has left a mess that we’ll need to take care of. As you finally emerge from your dark winter home to walk around your yard, here are a few things that you might notice… downed branches broken tree limbs matted leaves in the flower beds snowRead More →

Garden hat, tools and watering can are the gardeners tools.

How is it some gardeners end up with massive amounts of beautiful blooms and an overabundance of produce while other gardeners just gather in minimal amounts of flowers and vegetables? Some might say that the growers just have a green thumb. But I don’t think so. I think that anyone can become a prolific gardener with the right gardening mindset. Here are 5 habits of a highly productive gardener thatRead More →

Here’s another organizational task that is worth the time and effort to complete for your garden. As we move towards the spring season you’ll want to organize your seeds. In the spring, you are so ready to get started planting. So you purchase your seeds and begin the year’s garden. But maybe you didn’t need a whole packet of zucchini seeds and so you toss the extras into a pile.Read More →

Frozen vegetables spilling out of a bag.

Does this sound like you? You grow a bountiful garden all summer. You enjoy the fruits and vegetables of your labor and you end up with extra to preserve. So you freeze, dry and can some of the excess. But after the growing season ends, you completely forget about your hard-earned resources. Don’t let your preserved harvest go to waste. Here are three simple steps to use up your preservedRead More →

Pom Pom Garland hanging on a window frame with other seasonal decor.

Generally, after the holidays, I decorate my home with winter decor. Right about mid-February I start thinking about switching out my snowmen, mitten garland and winter candles for spring decor. But since we are still being pounded with snow, I’m just not ready to pull out my spring branches, bird nests, and eggs. So instead I decided to push the winter decor and make a pom pom garland. A pomRead More →

Vintage flower pots and containers in the creative garden.

I love to use vintage containers in my garden. They are longer lasting than many of the newer containers sold today and they add panache to your garden decor. I want to share how you can shop for vintage garden containers so that you can fill your garden with beautiful and functional finds. There are so many different containers that you can use in your garden. But there are someRead More →

It’s the dead of winter and snow covers the ground. But it’s not too early to begin planning for the coming garden season. Here are ten things you can do now to get your garden ready for Spring. For most of us, we can’t go out and plant our flowers, herbs or vegetables. But there are some indoor garden activities that we can do to make the process easier onceRead More →