Live for Today

Can I share a secret?  Life is very unpredictable at best and truly we cannot control it’s outcome.  I am a prime example of this.  I was marching down that “busy” pathway.  Striving to get everything I needed to do, done.  Then my life took an unexpected detour. It involved a virgin belly and 4 tiny holes.  A virgin belly is one that has never had surgery done on it, until now.  I was forced to stop my rapid pace and slow down. We often believe that we control our lives but really we don’t.  We can’t force a change.  Believe me, life can definitelyRead More →

Walk away Stress

I don’t know about you but my life has been crazy busy this season.  There are so many activities going on….year end school, graduations, weddings, sports activities and work projects.  The busyness seems endless and stress seems inevitable. For me, I have one child who just graduated from College and a second one who is getting married in September.  I recently hosted a Bridal Shower in my backyard for her.  In addition to these activities, I am in the midst of finals for my College and am preparing for the Summer Quarter.  Life has been a little out of control and I have definitely beenRead More →

Dance in the Rain.

We often go through seasons when life is hard and we struggle with difficulties and pain.  As much as we would like those storm clouds to pass, sometimes they just hang around.  Days can seem dark and bleak and it can hurt just to get up every morning.  Sometimes life and our circumstances are out of our control no matter how hard we try to correct them.  It is during those difficult and challenging times that we need to turn our focus to things that we can control. We need to look for the blessings and the positive things that we can do for ourselvesRead More →

Flowers and food make great garden gift ideas.

The gifting season is almost here…Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation and Weddings.  It seems like the gift list is never ending and I’m always trying to come up with fun and unique ideas for gifts.  I enjoy giving gifts from my garden although not every gift that I give is garden related.  I do try whenever possible to slip in a garden inspired idea from bouquets to meals.  However, early spring can be challenging in the Northwest.  Regular flowers and vegetables are months away and therefore not good options.  So I have tried to come up with some gift ideas that are garden inspired but notRead More →

Blossoms on a Tree

There is still a chill in the air, in the early morning hours of a new spring day.  However, there is also the promise of the days to come as the first birds of the season begin to call out.  The early crocus and daffodils begin to poke out of the ground.  The changing of winter into spring is a slow but steady process.  Spring tip toes into this wonderful season when there is finally hope that the winter is past.  With excitement you can imagine the change like a flower slowly opening it’s petals until the full beauty has unfolded before us.There are manyRead More →