Alarm Clocks

Time, we all have the same amount each day.  However it seems like there is never enough to get all the things done that we need to do.  Between our homes and jobs the days just fly by.  Instead I would like to make more time each day to putter in the garden, to craft, to read or to bake.  I want to wake up each day looking forward toRead More →

Christmas Gift Giving

There are many traditions in our society that are becoming a lost art.  One such tradition is to bring a hostess gift when you are invited over by friends and family.  I am a firm believer that we should always take a small gift to say “Thank You” for them opening their home to us.  Hostess gifts do not need to be expensive but they should reflect the season andRead More →

Christmas Season and gifts

The mad rush is on!  With only about 2 weeks left until Christmas it is time to get shopping.  I really love the Autumn months and I try to just focus on one holiday and season at a time.  But now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to focus on the Christmas season.  Shopping for gifts is one of the most time consuming parts of this season for me.  IRead More →

Be Grateful

Thanksgiving always feels like a lost holiday to me.  This is because it is sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas.  It seems like we are just starting to come out of our sugar high and “bam” we’re hit with Black Friday and Christmas shopping madness.  There is something so wonderful about Thanksgiving that we often miss.  This holiday gives us the opportunity to focus on all of our blessings.  I findRead More →

Autumn Leaves

Do you enjoy the change of seasons? Each season has it’s own feel to it.  I love the ebb and flow of the year and how you can count on the changes that are to come.  Maybe it’s a lifetime of being a student or a teacher but for me the Autumn Season always seems like the beginning.  So as we move into this season with crisp cold nights andRead More →

Vintage Coffee Bar

At my daughter’s wedding I was responsible for the Coffee Bar.  Since it was a camping wedding, we served breakfast to one and all on the morning after.  I only had a few days prior to the wedding to get it all together, so I used what I had.  I am an avid collector of vintage thermoses and milk bottles.  So I created a Vintage Styled Coffee Bar. I wasRead More →

Campfire and coffee on beach

What do bouquets, corn bags, sleeping bags and coffee all have in common?  Did you guess a wedding?  My daughter is getting married this Friday and I have spent the summer doing my share.  It’s a camping wedding, so of course camping gear is in order.  The wedding site will become the campsite after the wedding and all sorts of activities are being planned…corn hole, horseshoes, movie night and aRead More →

Live for Today

Can I share a secret?  Life is very unpredictable at best and truly we cannot control it’s outcome.  I am a prime example of this.  I was marching down that “busy” pathway.  Striving to get everything I needed to do, done.  Then my life took an unexpected detour. It involved a virgin belly and 4 tiny holes.  A virgin belly is one that has never had surgery done on it,Read More →

Walk away Stress

I don’t know about you but my life has been crazy busy this season.  There are so many activities going on….year end school, graduations, weddings, sports activities and work projects.  The busyness seems endless and stress seems inevitable. For me, I have one child who just graduated from College and a second one who is getting married in September.  I recently hosted a Bridal Shower in my backyard for her. Read More →

Dance in the Rain.

We often go through seasons when life is hard and we struggle with difficulties and pain.  As much as we would like those storm clouds to pass, sometimes they just hang around.  Days can seem dark and bleak and it can hurt just to get up every morning.  Sometimes life and our circumstances are out of our control no matter how hard we try to correct them.  It is duringRead More →