Lemon Blueberry Muffins with lemons in bowl and blueberries on board

Not long ago I picked up a 2 pound bag of meyer lemons at the store for a great price.  But, I have been too busy to do anything with them.  So I thought that it was time for a recipe with lemon in it.  Before I get to the recipe, we should talk about the lowly lemon.  I love lemons, let me count the ways.  Lemon’s bright flavor canRead More →

Classic Custard is a smooth creamy dessert that is easy to prepare. Top it with Nutmeg Whipped Cream.

After the excess of the holidays, it’s good to pare things down in our lives.  Keeping home decor to a minimum and more neutral is calming.  Like a blanket of snow it just soothes everyone.   You can also keep your meals simple, uncomplicated and comforting.  Soups and stews make a great choice for easy winter meals.  Simple roasted meats like chicken and beef don’t take a lot of time andRead More →

3 Style of Chocolate cookies

Over the years I developed the habit of creating a huge cookie platter at Christmas with everyone’s favorite cookies.  Does that sound familiar?  Now, my family expects a wide variety of Christmas cookies.  Since time is short these days and I don’t want to spend so much time baking, I have found a few shortcuts.  One of those shortcuts is to use a boxed cake mix as the base.  CakeRead More →