Walk Away Your Stress

Walk away Stress

Walk Away Your Stress

I don’t know about you but my life has been crazy busy this season.  There are so many activities going on….year end school, graduations, weddings, sports activities and work projects.  The busyness seems endless and stress seems inevitable.

For me, I have one child who just graduated from College and a second one who is getting married in September.  I recently hosted a Bridal Shower in my backyard for her.  In addition to these activities, I am in the midst of finals for my College and am preparing for the Summer Quarter.  Life has been a little out of control and I have definitely been stressed.

When life is unbelievably busy, a great way to combat the overwhelm is to walk.  Early morning walks are my favorite, while it is still cool outside and there’s not much hustle and bustle.  I also enjoy evening walks with my husband.  I will even take a short walk on my lunch break at work.  One of the benefits of walking is that it has been shown to reduce stress.

When we are under stress our body produces hormones that increase heart rate and blood pressure.  Walking can reduce the risk of these health problems.  Exercise also increases endorphins, potent brain chemicals that help improve your mental state.  I can use all the mental improvement that I can get!

I find that the peace and quiet, breathing in the fresh air and the sunshine all work to help me to relax.  Walking can usually be done anywhere.  However, studies have shown that being outdoors provides some added benefits such as Vitamin D production and a more active lifestyle.  So the next time you are under a cloud of stress, tie up your shoe laces, call a friend and hit the pathway for a nice long walk.